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Dereck Mpofu Releases Video to the Hustler’s Song Mari

By Michael Shoko / Published on Friday, 12 May 2017 16:18 PM / Comments Off on Dereck Mpofu Releases Video to the Hustler’s Song Mari / 749 views
Michael Shoko

Michael Shoko

Michael Shoko is the Founder & Editor of Zimbuzz.
He is also a Senior Publicist at Filters Media a Public Relations Consultancy that specializes in Celebrity Branding and Marketing
Michael Shoko

We are all searching for money because it’s sweet, so goes the lyrics in Dereck Mpofu’s Mari (Unonaka Iwe) song. 

The Afro Jazz singer has dropped the video to what we would like to call the Hustlers’ Song Mari, offering a glimpse into the life of a disenfranchised Zimbabwean navigating the financial world with such tenacity.

The song serves as a timely reminder of why we got into the business of making money – because we want to work hard so we can play hard too because money is sweet.

“Simudza ruoko kana wakatengesa maphone, kurembera pakombi, kucrossa kuyenda Joni, kutsvaga chero coin” goes some of the motivational lyrics.

The video is shot on location at the famous Harare Post Office/Ximex Area with a whole lot of famous faces who hustles for money every day through the selling of Tanzania imported urban wear.

It kicks off with Dereck and his friends in an abandoned truck yard before showing us a multitude of footsteps, representing the many walks we take in pursuit of the greenback.

It then quickly takes us to the back of a commuter vehicle showing a middle-aged cross-border woman counting money with her Passport in hand.

The song also shows a voluptuous woman in a secluded area, depicting the notorious ‘thigh vendors’ in Harare’s Avenues areas.

What makes the song and video very relatable is how it represents almost all the forms of hustling that an average Zimbabwe is involved in.

Basically, everyone is selling something, anything.

He tops it up by saying “Tese kuita dzungu,nyika kutenderera so,munhu arikutsvga mari”

If ever you needed some Entreprenurial motivation, this is your song.

The audio was produced by Mono Mukundu.


Enjoy the video below




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