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Rapper Tiara Launches Charity in Honour of late Mother

By Michael Shoko / Published on Thursday, 18 May 2017 12:53 PM / Comments Off on Rapper Tiara Launches Charity in Honour of late Mother / 574 views
Michael Shoko

Michael Shoko

Michael Shoko is the Founder & Editor of Zimbuzz.
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Michael Shoko

Rapper Tiara Baluti may be known more for her rhymes and raunchy dancing in her music videos, however, the ‘Ndavapedzera’ hit creator is also a philanthropist. 

Tiara Baluti

In her latest charity work, she will be launching a Charitable Organisation in honour of her late Mother whom she lost when she was 21, called Raviro Foundation, aimed at helping children in homeless shelter.

She revealed in a facebook post how her recent experiences have made her realise the need to help others

“This past weekend was an eye opener for me I really felt a huge void in my life….I really miss my mum….this got me thinking of other children who have lost their parents and how they will be coping in this cold winter.

“I decided to form a charity foundation I named it the “Raviro Foundation” after my late mum I want to visit children’s homes and donate warm clothes on the last weekend of May please if you can assist with donations INBOX!,” she wrote.

She also told Zimbuzz that she plans on making it a monthly work.

The charity will begin working with Chiedza Children’s Home, but she is hoping it will spread much further than that.

“The plan is to make it a monthly thing as time goes by so that we help more children, for now, Chiedza children’s home is one of them then gonna look for another one depending on the response I get from the people,” she said.

She has also joined a host of celebrities amongst them model Jackie Ngarande, rapper Mudiwa, music Producer Russo, gospel Singer Mudiwa for a campaign by Simuka Afrika called Skip A Meal a Day.

Skip A Meal A Day is a campaign where one decides to skip a certain meal of the day and donate the equivalent of the money to Simuka Afrika to feed hungry children.

Meanwhile, the rapper is set to drop a hot video for the track Bad Gyal Flex which she has been shooting in Botswana, the video is probably going to be available in the next two weeks. 

Behind the Scenes of the upcoming video



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