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Why Jah Prayzah was attacked — Bouncer explains

By Michael Shoko / Published on Tuesday, 31 Oct 2017 21:30 PM / Comments Off on Why Jah Prayzah was attacked — Bouncer explains / 1365 views

The last weekend of October 2017 will rank as a cursed period for Jah Prayzah as he experienced his worst moment since turning to music as a profession.


Late afternoon Tuesday, Jah Prayzah was attacked at the most unusual of places, a cemetery — He had gone to pay his last respect to a man who served him as his security detail.

Crispen Nyemba who died in a car crash on Sunday along Samora Machel Avenue in Harare was a former bouncer for Jah Prayzah.

Videos of the attack have since gone viral on most Social media platforms.

Mourners at the Glen Forest Cemetery turned on the Kutonga Kwaro creator and started assaulting him throwing all kinds of objects at him and poor Jah had to run for cover to avoid serious injuries.

Social media, as usual, went into overdrive with all kinds of theories trying to explain why a man, who is arguably the most loved musician in Zimbabwe at the moment, could have irked mourners to the extent of being chased away from a funeral.

Zimbuzz tracked down some of the eyewitnesses to try and understand the circumstances that led to the attack.

This reporter went to a local gym Tuesday evening where he caught up with some of the bouncers who were Chris’ friends.

“The reason why Jah Prayzah was attacked and chased away from Chris’ funeral is because he showed no concern for a bouncer who protected him for a long time,” explained one of the bouncers at the Gym.

“Jah owed him (Crispen) a lot of money but he failed to contribute even a cent for the funeral, we called him asking for assistance with coffin payments and he kept saying that he was in a meeting,” added the bouncer.

The bouncer continued, ” Imagine we had to call Mudhara Phidza (Philip Chiyangwa) for assistance and he paid for the burial order and all the stuff, but Jah did not contribute anything yet he was not paying him his dues during the time he worked for him.”

The source also told Zimbuzz that the atmosphere was already charged and Jah Prayzah made the mistake of asking for VIP treatment.

By the time of his death, Crispen, was no longer serving as Jah Prayzah’s bouncer.

“When he arrived with his bouncers they were clearing the way by shoving people for him to pass through, that’s when people turned on him and started attacking him,” he continued with his narration.

Zimbuzz tried to reach Jah Prayzah’s manager for a comment but both of his phones were not reachable.



The winds of October must have started blowing from Zimbabwe’s oldest city of Masvingo as Jah Prayzah had to abandon a show after fans started throwing missiles on the stage.

Reports coming from Masvingo suggests that there was a problem with the PA system connection after the promoter failed to bring adequate stuff for the setup.

Jah Prayzah ended up abandoning the gig.


Harare – Castle Lager National Braai Day.

Soja Rinosvika Kure arrived late for his set as he took his sweet time backstage letting his Third Generation band to do an extended yet unnecessary soundcheck that went for over 25 minutes.

This irked the fans as they started throwing missiles on the stage resulting in the band running for cover, sensing danger, Jah Prayzah ran to the stage, knelt down and begged for forgiveness.

Fans continued throwing missiles despite his asking for forgiveness only to stop after a few minutes.



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