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Go back to School – General Chiwenga tells UZ Students

By Donald Gwasira / Published on Monday, 20 Nov 2017 21:15 PM / Comments Off on Go back to School – General Chiwenga tells UZ Students / 297 views

The Sartuday solidarity march gave Zimbabweans from all walks of life hope and courage to question some actions which were taken of late under President Robert Mugabe reports Zimbuzz’ Donald Gwasira, who is also a Journalism Student the University of Zimbabwe.

Picture – Daily News

University of Zimbabwe students marched today against the doctorate which was given to the first lady of Zimbabwe Dr Grace Mugabe.

Students demanded an explanation from the Vice Chancellor Levi Nyagura who is also under pressure from the students to resign as Students assembled outside the main campus library Monday morning

Due to the situation on campus and in the country the Acting Deputy Registrar Academic issued out a notice to all students.

The notice read,“Please be advised that November/December 2017 examinations have been deffered until further notice .”

However, it emerged that the University has announced that the institution will now close business tomorrow and exams will now be written from January 8 to January 24, 2018.

Meanwhile, students are now likely to return to campus following an announcement by the Commander of the Defence forces encouraging them to value their education.

“Students at the country’s various institutions are encouraged to be calm and to proceed with their educational programmes as scheduled,” said General Chiwenga.

“They need to remember that, one day of education lost is difficult to recover. Once again, as theZimbabwee defence and security services, we pay particular tribute to all Zimbabweans for the regard and support shown to us during the execution.”



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