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Sons of the Caliphate Premieres on EbonyLife TV

Sons of the Caliphate is about the lives of three rich, entitled, passionate and ambitious young men, Kalifah, Nuhu and Diko, all caught up in the hidden corners of power, the darkness of addiction, the heat of love and desire, the obligations of family loyalty, and the craving for revenge.

Sons of the Caliphate
Sons of the Caliphate

The 13 part drama series will take its audience on a journey into the rich cultural and flamboyant aristocratic Northern Nigerian lifestyle. What happens when elections are fast approaching?

The tussle for the governorship seat heats up, and this is what happens in the Northern Caliphate State of Kowa. Soon personal conflicts and interest intertwine between the Maiyakis, Bulas and Lokos in a race to crown the next Governor.

The series stars some of Nigeria’s paramount actors in the Film and TV industry, including Patrick Doyle, Mofe Duncan and Sani Muazu

Sons of the Caliphate will premiere on Thursday 13th October 2016, 22:00.

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