Almost every song cued on our playlists today is commanding ladies to drop it, shake it, wine it and ricochet in practically no garments. 

If women are not beeing called the B-Word they are either being told all the corners on their bodies that they themselves don’t know exist or all the things the brother would want to do to them on a Sunday morning when mama is at Church.

Titled Beautiful/Ndozvandiri Tamy’s new offing is set to immunise your year against your corrupted playlist, as it provides a healthy dose of confidence encouraging people to feel comfortable and pretty the way they are.

It commends our uniqueness as people and goes further to urge everybody to take a place of valuing themselves as Beautiful.

For a change a feel good song delivered with all the ingredients of a banger track, a sensible message packaged in an enjoyable manner.

The song dropped on Wednesday and its Tamy’s first collaborative single of 2017 featuring trap genius Takura and versatile dancehall singer Dobba Don.

Tammy opens the song in her signature infectious voice, capturing the essence of being yourself while making you feel good about yourself.

The song is set on the RnB beat with heavy influences of Electro dance music and the three take turns to immerse their strong vocals in a perfect way.


The Rebirth of Tamy?

There is a disturbingly huge void in the Royal Palace where RnB Queens are supposed to reside, Ever since Queen Tererai Mugwadi unceremoniously relinquished her crown it was only up to one royal member Cindy Munyavi taking her regal duties seriously.

Is the situation about to change? Can the little princess Tamy wrestle the throne and assume to the summit?

We are of the strong belief that this song is a rebirth of Tammy as she is now perfectly in her genre, the way she is so comfortable riding that beat shows that she is at home.

The first time I listened to Tammy in 2016 I was left wondering why an 18-year-old with such a voice was not doing pop music.

We enjoyed Tamy of “Ndibereke” but we love Tamy of “Ndozvandiri” You are 18 for Obama’s sake please be our Pop Queen. 

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