Brian Nhira

 “As I was getting ready to board an aeroplane heading to a good friend’s wedding, Sitting in the airport terminal I noticed an elderly couple”, explains Brian Nhira. 

Brian Nhira

“The wife was in a wheelchair and it was evident that she couldn’t speak or move on her own. As drool dripped from her mouth, her husband wiped it away.

“In that moment, I was confronted with the reality that I was getting ready to witness the wedding of my good friend and his bride who are both young and full of life”, he continued.

“They would soon commit to loving each other for the rest of their lives without a clue as to the circumstances the future would bring.

“As I continued to observe the elderly couple, in that airport terminal, I began to think of how at one point in their lives they stood at the altar, both full of life, but somewhere along the line… something happened. It is that experience that birthed “Would you still love me?” he tells Zimbuzz.

Brian Nhira first wowed the world with his rendition of Pharrell’s hit single, “Happy” during last years’ blind auditions of the popular USA  talent show The Voice.

Nhira (23) whose family has been travelling the world for sixteen years as part of his father’s ministering, was so good that Pharrell had to say this: “Clearly you sang that song much better than I do.”

Almost a year later the boy is back with what could possibly be the biggest song of his career.

Would you still love me is an intense love song that can evoke the right emotion at the right time before you say I do.

In the song he asks his bride to be if she still would love him even in the most challenging of times, sickness, hurt,pain…he even ask “What if I’m complicated, always leaving you frustrated Would You Love Me”

The strong emotion in the song is evident that it was coming from such a deep place, and one would think it is a personal story.

“It’s definitely a combination of both, the song was birthed out of the personal experience with the elderly couple the artistic/songwriting process took over after, and I began to put words to the feelings I was experiencing as a result,” he narrates to Zimbuzz.

Would You Still Love Me can possibly be his breakout song and Brian is already planning big moves.

“People can expect more music, in the next couple of months we will be rolling out more singles and videos, I am excited for the world to hear the songs I’ve been writing and see what my team and I are creating visually”, he said

“We also plan to tour very soon. For me, nothing is better than getting out in front of people and singing songs that I’ve written.”


If you have your make up on, this video is guaranteed to mess that up for you. And if you are a man make sure that you are not watching it in public as it sure will make you cry

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