Sunday, December 10, 2023

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How Gonyeti Drove Away with Shoko Festival Passengers

She went on that grand Shoko Festival stage hoping she would make the crowd laugh and leave some indelible memories in people’s hearts.


Gonyeti did more than just that.

Samantha Kureya as is her real name completely abandoned the reality that she was indeed entertaining an audience, after all, she was paid to do that.


In fact, she was just herself, conversing with the crowd like she was having a chat with her pals Luckie, Maggie and Silvia at Bustop TV.

And boy did she produce magic!!

She slew the set, made people laugh like we were testing our newly installed lungs, had her set been longer she surely would have ended up performing for a ‘dead’ audience rolling in that red soil at the Museum Library.

Gonyeti’s jokes were very relatable and real, she touched on so many subjects, but it was her first joke that had people drawn to her.

In her opening act, she did the unusual, poked fun at herself.

According to her, she said she doesn’t have a big rear because she has had a good life.

She always uses a vehicle to run even the smallest of errands and when she was little she would ride in a pram, so there was no way possible that she would grow a booty.

‘If you see a girl with a big backside, then you know she has never experienced a good life because she is constantly walking’ she said attracting wild laughs from the crowd.

What would follow was a series of jokes packaged in a distinct rhythmic way,  showing just how much she had prepared for this show, remember she is an actress who honed her skills doing five-minute skits and has no experience with doing a comedy set that lasts in excess of 20 mins.

Whilst most comedian these days are creating their content around the political happenings, her set only included one such with the rest being about sex, fellow celebrities, second-hand clothes and the fuller figured women.

In case she might want to use the same material on her next gig, I shall not pre-empt the rest of her set, But next time you see her on a comedy poster, buy that ticket without hesitance.

And Oh, did I mention she did all this in her native Shona language!!

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