Thursday, July 18, 2024

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Invitation to a One Night Stand With Ammara Brown

One thing we know for sure is that she will come barefooted for a rare hot weekend whose expectations have dominated conversations across different WhatsApp groups and Social media.


Her royal pop majesty Ammara Bown will on Friday take to the stage at Club 1+1 in what has been titled A One Night Stand with Ammara Brown.

And it will be exactly that.. A musical orgasm on Friday 1 June as we welcome the chills of winter

The definitive objective of the night is to overlook the fact that you will actually be wearing anything, as you let the tunes and the dance moves of Ammara be your full concentration as this will never be repeated.

Make sure to keep your hands free of anything save for holding onto your favourite beverage as the Akiliz goddess invites you into her musical world.

She will be aided by DJ Storm, DTL DJs with special appearances by DJ Towers and Zimboy who are sure to accompany you into a winter rupture excitement.

DTL fronted by Dee Nosh has been hosting a steady stream of sold-out live music events at Club 1+1 for a few months now. The show is costing $5 and $10 for the VIP.

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