Scara The Drummer

Delroy ‘Scara‘ Maripakwenda an energetic drummer of the Vigilance band has taken his drumming skills online.

Scara The Drummer as he is known in the music circles has been the heartbeat of Winky D’s live performances since August 2015.

He launched his drumming YouTube channel which he is showcasing his skills both on and off the stage. 

The 27 year old had a ‘drummertic’ shift from being a dancer/ choreographer to become one of the best drummers in local music industry.

Explaining his quirky story on how he became Winky D’s drummer he said:

“In 2015 late August there was a spot for a drummer in the Vigilance band. Word got to me and I wanted to try out but the artist (Winky D) knew I was a dance and choreographer. 

“A few people knew about my hidden talent until I persisted on at least getting a chance of rehearsing with the Vigilance band.

“I had only two weeks probation to impress before my first show which was a two hour set.”

In as much Winky D’s performances are always of a higher level, Scara says the Beenieman show was his best show as a drummer. This is when the band introduced ‘Aerodrums’ and it marked his first kick on stage using a high-tech drum set. 

Recently, he has been slotted in to collaborate with DJ’s at club Sankayi and Club Connect Harare branch. 

Apart from music he is currently pursuing a diploma in computer programming. 

Check out his channel below

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