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Fashion Police Ahead! Samantha Tshuma speaks on NAMA Duty

Award season will officially end this Saturday with the National Arts Merit Awards (NAMA) capping what looks set to be an unforgettable show.


While the main event is to honour those that excelled in the arts in the past year, Longtime style stars and newcomers will take to the red carpet to show off their fashion imaginations.

NAMA organisers announced Samantha Tshuma and Gilmore Tee as the official NAMA Red Carpet Fashion Police.

With plenty of stylish stars descending on the HICC red carpet, this year NAMAs have promised all the ingredients of a world-class show, this of course anchored on the trust the public has in Napoleon ‘DJ Napster’ Nyanhi of Jacaranda Culture and Media Corporation who are behind the 2020 edition.

Zimbuzz caught up with the Miss Zimbabwe 2010, Model and Image Consultant Samantha Tshuma from her base in Bulawayo.

Just what is red carpet wear, what should one wear to awards and what are they going to be looking for as they go about fashion policing.

She gave us all the answers.

“As fashion police, to be honest, we cannot wait to see what our creative fashion designers and fashion houses have in store for us. It’s quite exciting as our fashion industry has grown over the years,” enthused Samantha.

She explained why the red carpet is such an important part of any Awards ceremony.

“The red carpet is very important as this is why it has a red carpet and this means high profile dressing. Also an important product placement area for fashion designers,” she said.

As the Miss Bulawayo 2009, Miss Tourism 2010 and Miss World Zimbabwe 2010 she must have clocked some serious red carpet time in her illustrious fashion career, and she rightfully had a word or two of advice.

“Ladies should wear longer full-Length dresses, you can never go wrong with sequin for a red carpet look, always does the trick. Men should wear suits, but not necessarily jackets and ties,” she said.

A family that slays together…Samantha Tshuma with her babies

And for those not sure what to put on she got you too.

“I think keep it simple don’t over complicate it especially if fashion is just not your thing, black/reds /whites sometimes they tend to be forgiving colours and one thing that’s important is to choose a silhouette that fits your body type,” added the Bulawayo beauty.

For the fashion addicts, she shared her thoughts on what she thinks are the trends this fashion season.

“With a season drawing heavily on androgynous silhouettes, the tuxedo is making a comeback, this time undergoing a couture renaissance with chic sleeve detailing, sculpted shoulders and sequins,” she said.

But again we are a people that love looking good and our fashion police agree that over the years, red carpet looks have been nothing but pleasing.

“Over the years, it has been getting better and better, amazing actually, Zimbabweans definitely know how to dress up for such events. Quite astonishing,” she expressed.

And she, of course, she had to give us a parting a shot, and it was one from a fashion guru who has seen it all.

“Don’t try to dress for the body you want or the body you used to have. Dress for the body you have right now.”

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