Kae Chaps

‘Ndoziva a lot, you don’t need to change to fit in, you ain’t gotta fake it, you don’t need a lot for you to be happy, nobody go murder my vibe, look in the mirror everything is alright’


Kudakwashe Chapepa appreciates health and is contend with being alive in these trying times.

Kilimanjaro is a loaded track that inspires and yet alone gives much hope to a depressed youth.

From a ZimSphere extract, the youngster is quoted, “The inspiration behind my craft is basically my life and what I go through on a daily basis.

If you listen to my music you realize that it is more of a very personal journey, usually life struggles.”

Kae Chaps is giving us a sound that is not only unique to Zimbabwean contemporary art but everywhere else probably emulating the likes of Damian Marley or Koffee the leading artists in bridging the gap between old reggae and hip hop.

Kilimanjaro is the first video production of the talented artist from the Rugare suburb in the Capital City.

In this life we ought to be rich. In this life we ought to achieve a social status but most importantly as one matures into adulthood they seek to earn a livelihood that satisfies whoever was paying the bills.

It might not be said all the time but we carry that conviction when we embark on our endeavors “I’ve got to prove my own now” beckons the youngster in the song Handife  Ndiri Rombe.

Kae Chaps embodies the same conviction and when he stands before the mic he elaborates these claims.

Zim hip hop is on a fast track growth. Despite having a few making it on the mainstream this genre has kids who are massively talented and you won’t list as many before this up and coming rapper/singer.

Together with the mastery of the boy’s favorite producer Futronic, 2020 they added Kilimanjaro and Handife Ndiri Rombe to a collection of very dope joints.

2019 was a low-key grind for the young rapper though he has vowed to invade the hip hop scene in 2020.

Handife Ndiri Rombe is the 22-year-old’s story who is ready to utilize God’s gift whilst Kilimanjaro has indeed defied odds and reached expectations – chipo ndakapihwa I’m on a mission now.

Kae Chaps remains one of the finest singers besides that he can rap. You are always guaranteed of a striking melody.

Handife ndirirombe is a relatable track for most youths who are grinding to make it. It’s the voice of the young talented individuals who are yet to meet their fortunes but already equipped to conquer.

KaeChaps is up to work and grab his. 2020 is the year for hip hop to welcome one of its brightest stars and the emcee is available for collaborations and more work this year.

The two tracks speak a lot of courage and energy to shoot right to the top at any cost. We wait for more moves and we won’t die poor- hatife tiri marombe!

You can watch the video using the link below.

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