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Bodyslam Riddim the Return — Here is the official Update

In May of 2014 at Takashinga Cricket Club in Harare Highfield, thousands gathered for the official launch of the Bodyslam Riddim.


Those that gathered witnessed a monumental occasion in the history of Zimdancehall for the launch ushered in one of the biggest riddims in history.

Bodyslam riddim produced by PTK at the Highfield-based stable became unstoppable, and Zimdancehall became a phenomenon.

The genre swept through everything in its path and a generation of superstars was born.

It contains hits such as Seh Calaz’ Kwatinobva Kwakasiyana, Tasangana Zvidhakwa by Shinsoman and Yoz, Ras Caleb came in with Rudo, Ku Hifa by Killer T, Simudza Mawoko by Tocky Vibes became an unforgettable anthem.

It’s been 8 years since PTK shared with the world the blessing that is Bodyslam and the man is back with Bodyslam Part 2.

It came about after fellow music producer Lazzie T publicly asked Simba Chakare to entertain the idea of coming up with the second instalment.

Chakare took it upon himself to look for PTK and the rest is going to be history.

Zimbuzz caught up with the three guys to get an update on where things are since we understand the riddim is done and ready.

“Upcoming artists are loving the idea, they are coming to the studies in their droves, I’m also going to record Kinnah and Tally B, whilst Seh Calaz and Killer T are recording at their respective studios,” said Lazzie T.

Lazzie T who usually shoots from the hip took a swipe at other big artists for their attitude towards the upliftment of Zimdancehall.

“Other big artists may see this as something unbeneficial but I think that by not joining others it reflects negatively on the dancehall culture,” he said.

He explained to us the reasons he had to ask Simba Chakare to bring back PTK for another go at the Bodyslam riddim.

“What prompted me to ask Simba to revive the second instalment of Bodyslam was that a lot of producers rejoice when one of us goes industry silence but as for me I have been a fan of PTK for a long time,” explains Lazzie T.

“I will also make it my mission to make a follow up on other producers who have gone silent and revive their talented careers

“Also some of the riddims that were coming out were an earsore, I enjoy and prefer PTK’s productions.”

He also revealed that whilst he is recording artists in Zimbabwe, Nhubu another producer will be recording South African-based Zimbabwean artists. After PTK produced the riddim Lazzie said his role is to record and then do the mixing.

We had a brief chat with Simba ‘Bodyslam’ Chakare.

“My part was fulfilling the request made by Lazzie T by bringing back PTK for a part 2, everyone who is available can get in touch with Lazzie and record,” he said.

Simba ‘Bodyslam’ Chakare added that they were also targeting fresh talent in a bid to unearth new superstars.

PTK has been domiciled in South Africa for a while now, and it’s not only Lazzie T’s voice that has been clamouring for his mainstream return but a lot of Zimdancehall lovers

But what made PTK agree to make another Bodyslam Riddim?

“People had missed an authentic dancehall sound, so I realised since we were part of the movement pioneers, we might as well do another one,” he said with much confidence and belief.

He said the forthcoming Riddim is not far off from the first one but will accommodate a variety of artists.

“The sound on this one is not different from the original, it’s just a commercial sound that I made with a lot of people in mind so that everyone can be able to add their creativity to it,” explained PTK

Others may have interpreted his silence to mean he had closed the curtain on Zimdancehall, he says he is here for good.

“I have always been full-time in music and I’m not leaving it until the end,” he added.

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