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Dzago Chatsama opens up about Journey, Music & Family

Multitalented artist Dzago Chatsama is stealing the hearts of all of his listeners with his soulful and mesmerising voice while delivering a powerful and positive message.


The inspirational musician says his focus is on spreading positivity and love through his craft and into the hearts of many.

“I am not just a gospel artist. If you follow my music you can get all kinds of clean and positive songs,” he told Zimbuzz from his base in the USA.

“I do not stick to a particular genre, my message is found and spread through many genres from Reggae to Sungura.”

True to his word, the certified Audio Producer recently released an Amapiano Gospel EP.

His musical journey was writing itself unbeknown to him, but in hindsight, he now acknowledges that it was always something he was destined for.

“When I was growing up, I never thought I would be an artist, however, I was a very good DJ,” he recalls.

Chatsama who had dreams of becoming a journalist and ultimately a news anchor owes his development to his brother who exposed and gave him platforms to horn his skills.

“I grew up listening to a variety of music tastes from RnB, dancehall to Rhumba almost everything my brother had at the particular time,” said Chatsama.

“My brother always had all the latest songs in his collection, even the new ones we heard on the radio somehow he had them.”

Following up on his brother’s influence Dzago Chatsama joined a Roman Catholic Youth Group in Chipinge where he was studying for his Ordinary Levels.

“In that music group, we were involved in creating positive messages to educate the youth about the dangers of premarital sex and preaching the message of abstinence,” he said.

When it was time for his Advanced Level studies he moved to Harare where he met Edgar Funani, a rapper from Chitungwiza who was already in music and the two formed a jazz group.

However, the group was short-lived after Edgar left the country.

“I continued with music as a solo artist until 2008 when I formed an acapella group called Innovators and that is the one that gave me my music breakthrough after we participated and won at a Talent show hosted by New Life Covenant Youths,” explained Chatsama.

There they met up with music legend Sanii Makhalima who was one of the judges, Sanii then offered them a recording contract although it was not part of the winner’s prize.

“From that album, my professional music career was born. I toured 15 out of the 50 States in USA singing every other day for a period of 18 months from 2011,” he recalls.

Chatsama went on to sing at the United Methodist General Conference, USA Annually Boys Scout Conference and they had sold-out concerts wherever they performed.

In 2013 he decided to further his education and moved to Malaysia to study Audio Production where he was introduced to mixing, mastering, and beat making adding to the knowledge he already had in production and artist management.

“The biggest highlight of my music career came in 2015 when I was selected as one of the 44 artists to perform the theme song to celebrate the United Arab Emirates’ 44 years of independence,” said Chatsama.

For him, family is an important part of his career and their support is something he holds in high regard.

“My family is my number one source of support. My wife reviews almost every song I record or produce before it is released and my daughter is now my second biggest fan,” he revealed.

“My whole family from brothers, sisters, cousins, almost everyone gives me all the necessary support.

“In just about any talent field be it sport or music, successful talented people have their success journey anchored on family support.”

The artist who is also a qualified youth football coach is hoping to land a prestigious award this year.

“I was nominated as 2022 Best Christian Producer in the Gospel Choice Music Awards in Atlanta, and we are hoping to bring this home,” he shared the news to Zimbuzz.

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