Sunday, December 10, 2023

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For the Culture 2nd edition — Here is what to expect

A hip-hop monthly gathering ‘For the Culture’ has released the lineup of Masterclass speakers for its second edition show targeting financial literacy in music.


The event organised by Masofa Panze Art Consultancy headed by Noble Stylz is scheduled for July 30 at Moto Republik.

The event’s first instalment featured a media masterclass by journalists Michael Shoko, Zandile Ndlovu and Sindiso Dube.

On the Masterclass roaster will be former government minister and parliamentarian Hon Fortune Chasi, award-winning ZiFM’s radio producer, presenter and Artists & Repertoire (A&R) consultant P.D da Ghost.

They will be joined by GAA Associates Senior Auditor Chiko Chipunza, an artist manager and founder of Mighty Woman Productions.

In an interview with Zimbuzz, Chiko Chipunza said financial literacy will help an artist safeguard their proceeds.

“Art is meant to edify, prosper the artist to keep them motivated to keep creating. As they earn, they need to maintain the proceeds to create a legacy,” said Chipunza.

“Artists need to know more about how to maintain this legacy to pass it on since they can not pass on their talent.”

Chipunza said her Masterclass presentation will amongst other topics focus on What money means to an artist; How to capture and manage money; Setting up business structures in Zimbabwe and Simple Accounting and Budgeting Principles.

Artists & Repertoire consultant P.D da Ghost said an artist must understand the structures set up in the music industry in order to make informed decisions.

“Musicians need to know that they are in the music industry, therefore an industry has different divisions that are set up to make sure that the artist becomes what an artist is supposed to be. If they are not plugged in they are letting themselves down,” he said.

Giving us highlights from his presentation he said he is going to break down the role of an A&R since the role is important to every artist.

“In this day and age financial literacy is important for artists because to thrive the artist and the team around them have to make informed decisions daily about how to make money. Also, they have to understand that to make money you have to spend money,” added P.D da Ghost.

The Financial Masterclass will be hosted by Sharon ‘Magi’ Chideu.

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