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Chiremerera Launch Shines Spotlight on Family, Gratitude & Musical Excellence

Jah Prayzah’s stardom shot brightest when he emerged as an authentic story of African traditional music talent.


With such a ticket in his hand, he has since captivated audiences across the globe with his unique blend of traditional African rhythms and contemporary music styles, solidifying his position as one of the most prominent and influential artists on the continent.

And today, history has decided to involve all of us in Zimbabwe and beyond as witnesses of a show celebrating a milestone. From Uzumba even ten steps are not enough to show that a journey has really begun.

On Friday the 12th of May, thousands thronged the Old Hararians Sports Club where Jah Prayzah was launching the first half of his double album dubbed ‘Chiremerera.’

The event which from the outlook exuded infinite entertainment value was one that ended on an emotional rollercoaster for a family that desperately needed to share its remarkable strides in the famed journey of a superstar.

Stage architecture owned a major responsibility to project glitz and glamour. It truly deserves the aesthetics of a night of that magnitude.

At exactly 11 pm, Jah Prayzah and the Third Generation band took to the stage. He is a guy used to many bigger occasions but we had the privilege of a closer gaze into the eyes of a man whose gratitude was getting the better of him.

He remained steadfast and meant business in the first few songs. Shortly into the two and half hour set, Chiremerera began to roll out. JP invited a Rwandan-based traditional dance group.

The dancers blended well with the music but every man in the crowd might have flashed a thought to visit Kigali should he need to take in a second wife.

The host, ZiFM’s Misred interjected the festivities of the night with an interlude thanks to Sahwira Events and Lifestyle.

They unveiled the mother to Mukudzeyi Mukombe known to us as Jah Prayzah and from the similarity of facial features there was no doubt it was time for a story the showbiz would stake its value as gold.

Jah Prayzah’s mother was burning with a desire to reveal the untold story of her son’s kindergarten misdemeanour.

Her side of the tale was enough to confirm the divine gift possessed by her son that even when they crossed paths, he would react by singing Zhakata’s lyrics ‘kufa kwemurume kubuda ura’.

She proceeded to share Jah Prayzah’s declaration as a young ambition which goes “hameno zvavo vane marambadenga”. The boy knew of the destiny thrust upon him by the Almighty.

At this point, the crowd was losing it by wanting to see Sekuru Jonasi who had assumed responsibility to nurture the talent in the nephew.

Simultaneously, Jah Prayzah’s wife was called up on stage and her role this night was to expose their affection with a brief and romantic public kiss.

The show would continue with Jah Prayzah dedicating the set to thanksgiving for everyone who had helped his rise along the way.

He introduced his former geography teacher who is currently engineering the mbira sound in the band. It was no doubt an inspirational experience to watch student and teacher rekindle their old relationship at such a grand stage.

Highlights of the musical side of the launch have to include a five-star performance with Feli Nandi and the dramatic rendition featuring famous actor Mandebvu against gender-based violence.

Jah Prayzah closed the set with popular hits from his previous albums with songs like Dzamutsana, Mudara Vachauya and Goto before the jit crooner and Zimbabwean Giant Baba Harare took over the night.

Pictures by: Jimshinky Photography

Listen to Chiremerera below:

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