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Glorious Return for Miss Universe Zimbabwe after 22-year hiatus

After an agonizing 22-year absence, Zimbabwe is set to reclaim its dazzling presence on the global stage of beauty and grace with the return of Miss Universe Zimbabwe.


In an exciting revelation, Miss Tendai Hunda, Director, Miss Universe Zimbabwe, announced the triumphant comeback of the Miss Universe Zimbabwe beauty pageant, casting a luminous beam of hope and optimism across the nation.

With an air of pride and honour, Miss Hunda, unveiled this long-awaited news at a press conference Wednesday morning, recounting the country’s last glorious participation in the Miss Universe pageant back in 2001.

“Zimbabwe last participated in the Miss Universe pageant in 2001 represented by Miss Tsungai Muswerakuenda and thereafter we have had an unfortunate twenty-two-year absence from the competition due to economic and political issues,” she acknowledged.

Addressing the media she shared her personal experience, stating, “I was crowned Miss Zimbabwe 2014 and represented Zimbabwe at the Miss World competition 2014 hosted in London, UK. I created a platform called Hundah, which today, is one of Zimbabwe’s leading modelling agencies.”

Regarding the reinstatement of Zimbabwe to the Miss Universe competition, she said: “We felt compelled to take on the challenge to have Zimbabwe reinstated to the Miss Universe competition.”

Expressing her elation, Miss Hunda said: “I am absolutely elated that Zimbabwe is about to end its protracted absence and resume its participation in the coveted miss universe pageant.”

She emphasized the opportunities the competition provides, saying that by simply joining, its candidates are exposed to a variety of networking and employment prospects.

FROM LEFT: Tendai Hunda, Langa Sibanda (Miss Universe Zimbabwe 1996) and Hildah Mabu at the official announcement of the Miss Universe Zimbabwe beauty pageant at The Rainbow Towers in Harare

Regarding the purpose of the Miss Universe Zimbabwe contest, she stated, “The main purpose of the Miss Universe Zimbabwe contest is to choose a Zimbabwean representative to appear on the Miss Universe stage this December 2023 in El Salvador, Central America.”

She highlighted the significance of the competition and the need for support from government, the corporate sector, media, and every other sector key to make this endeavor a success.

To ensure the success of the pageant, she mentioned the engagement of key stakeholders, like the Ministry of Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation and the National Arts Council of Zimbabwe.

She believed that the return of Miss Universe Zimbabwe would contribute to the country’s arts sector and youth empowerment.

Highlighting the potential impact Miss Hunda emphasized that if successful, the competition will be a historic occasion and significantly raise Zimbabwe’s international status.

She further noted the alignment with the government’s vision, stating, “Again, in line with president Emmerson Mnangagwa’s, ‘Zimbabwe is open for business’ mantra, what better way to signal that Zimbabwe is open for international collaboration than by participating in one of the world’s biggest competitions?”

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