Tuesday, April 16, 2024

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‘Happiness’ by Aurah Ariko Inspires Self-Worth and Inner Fulfillment

In her soulful new single “Happiness,” Aurah Ariko encourages listeners to commit fully to their joy and self-worth rather than pinning it on another.


With lush melodies complemented by sparse, thoughtful lyrics, Ariko tells the story of a woman who has weathered her fair share of ups and downs in a tumultuous relationship.

Through emotional chorus refrains of “Now I get to say ‘YES’ to happiness,” she finds the strength and clarity to leave behind the empty promises and recurrent heartbreak dealt by her partner.

Though walking away is difficult, Ariko conveys that true bliss comes from within rather than from another’s conditional love.

Her vulnerable yet empowering performance inspires reflection on how we can find fulfilment in ourselves instead of constantly seeking it from those who don’t appreciate our worth.

“Happiness” is a poignant anthem about reclaiming one’s power and priorities that will no doubt resonate with anyone learning to love themselves unconditionally.

The single is taken off her new 6-track EP titled Purple Skies, which features a diverse range of themes, including love, the joyous celebration of a newborn child, and expressions of gratitude, among others.

Listen to happiness below

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