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Ammara Brown Silences Critics in a Loud Way

By zimbuzz / Published on Thursday, 07 Sep 2017 11:45 AM / Comments Off on Ammara Brown Silences Critics in a Loud Way / 762 views

Over the years we have known her, Ammara Brown has slayed everything in her wake from features, the stage, collaborations and even solo efforts.

There are those who were of the opinion that the star only came to the party on collaborations, Akiliz delivers a loud announcement that Ammara is indeed the real deal.

Ammara Brown picture – Facebook

This time around she decided to go the solo route for her newest single which features Dj Tamuka and Take Fizzo on production.If claims by countless people that they have this song on repeat are to be believed it would seem Miss Brown has a new hit on her hand.


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 The joint itself has an Afropop feel while soulful chords and Ammara’s vocals combine to give it tear fest value.

 Akiliz references the proverbial Achilles’ heel as Ammara cries out to the one she loves because he has been treating her shabbily knowing she won’t leave as he knows how to manipulate her weakest points.


Stream the song below


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