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Sir Wicknell Sends New born Son for DNA Tests

By zimbuzz / Published on Thursday, 25 Jan 2018 12:44 PM / Comments Off on Sir Wicknell Sends New born Son for DNA Tests / 544 views

Troubled businessman Wicknell Chivayo AKA Sir Wicknell has taken his newborn son John Chenjera for DNA tests.

John Chenjera Chivayo – Pic Facebook

Chivayo shocked all and sundry this morning when he posted the DNA test results on both Facebook and Instagram, the results showed that the alleged father Sir Wicknell is the father.

In all analyzed PCR systems, Sir Wicknel showed the genetic markers which have to be present for the biological father of the child John Chenjera. The probability of Wicknell Chivayo being the biological father of John was at  99.999997 %

The tests were conducted in Texas, USA


Below are the DNA test results