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How Toxic Friends Ruin Your Romantic Relationship

By zimbuzz / Published on Thursday, 08 Feb 2018 10:14 AM / Comments Off on How Toxic Friends Ruin Your Romantic Relationship / 212 views

“At least I have my friends!”, that’s the phrase that you often say to yourself after a breakup. And that’s absolutely common, as your friends are always there to help you to survive when your romantic relationship came crashing down.

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But have you ever thought that your friends may be the actual reason causing your breakups? Yep, you may have toxic friends and they may be ruining your relationship right now.

“Are my friends toxic?”, you may wonder, and we can help you with figuring it out. We offer you to check out our list of toxic friends signs.


Signs of Toxic Friends


1.  Your friends are not accepting your choice of a partner. Sometimes they might be right but if they don’t approve any of your partners, it might be one of the signs of toxic friends. If you have doubts, think whether you always pick online dating partners of a certain type or all of them are different. In the second case – you’re having toxic friends.


2.  Your friends are trying to compete with your partner over your attention. While you can understand it, as you’ve devoted more time to your friends when you were free, but aren’t your friends supposed to be happy for you? Your friends should allow you dedicate as much time to your partner as you want… if they aren’t toxic friends.


3.  When you are talking about your relationship, your friends focus on the negative aspects of your partner. You can see it in their faces. They are simply ignoring you when you are talking about how good your partner is, but whenever you say that your partner offended you in some way, they are all ears.


How Toxic Friends Ruin Your Relationship


Those three points are quite enough for you to get the picture, but do they actually manage to ruin your relationship? There certain ways that you are about to evaluate now.


1.  Not knowing your date quite well, they start telling you that he or she is no good. You know, something like “You are the best partner for him/her, but you could find someone better”. It sounds quite innocent, but that phrase gives your toxic friends a possibility to slowly poison you against your partner.


2.  Whenever your partner is around, your friends start talking about your exes. Of course, they are focusing on the positive aspects of your exes. Your past relationships is a sensitive topic.

Hearing positive things about your exes your partner would start feeling somehow inferior comparing to them. That might lead to thoughts that he or she is not good enough for you, which in turns may lead to your breakup.


3.  Are your friends trying to flirt with your partner? Sooner or later they are going to tell you that your partner was showing his or her affection.

While you should talk to your partner about that, the very first thing you should do is to ask your friend why he or she was flirting with your partner in the first place. Of course, your friend would tell you that he or she was trying to check your partner, but you know that you didn’t ask him or her to do that.


How to Deal with Toxic Friends


When you are sure that your friends are toxic, the best thing you can do is getting rid of them. It’s not as hard as you may think. All you need to do is to ignore their advice.

Give it some time, and your toxic friends will disappear from your life. If you want to get rid of them faster, you can tell them to stop nosing into your relationship.

It will lead to scandal, but who cares if the final result is the absence of the toxic friends in your life.