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Vokal’s Tight Mission

By Michael Shoko / Published on Monday, 12 Feb 2018 13:50 PM / Comments Off on Vokal’s Tight Mission / 170 views

His passion for music and the entertainment industry is very much visibly each time you have a conversation with Vokal Bakasa.

Gary Tight Pic – supplied

Influenced by the hip-hop culture, upon meeting him one can mistake him for an artist or soccer player, in the way he dresses and the large tattoos on his body.

In fact, he is a great football player and has played the sport with some of the country’s current great exports

But when it comes to business matters, he dons the sharp designer suits, which not only matches his small built but also matches the amount of music wisdom that comes out of his mouth.

Such is the man tasked with driving arguably Zimbabwe’s next break-out kid — Gary Tight.

Gary Tight is on the verge of taking Zimbabwe’s music scene to a higher level, For those that have watched him at the Tarrus Riley show and more recently at the Winky D album launch can give testament that the boy has massive talent.

The talent that Vokal is now expected to turn into a rich superstar under Entertainment Republic.

Vokal (Right) with Boss Spencer

This will be Vokal’s Tight mission – Tight in the sense that Vokal has never failed as a music manager, in fact, he is a celebrated and decorated talent manager having managed Seh Calaz, a dancehall star.

He later made a shocking move when he signed a management contract with the country’s most successful rapper, Stunner.

The two enjoyed massive success together with Stunner winning even more awards.

He also was his manager during the tumultuous period Stunner went through with his divorce to Olinda Chapel, As an astute manager, Vokal was never caught offside in the woes.

He maintained his role of managing the talent and image of the superstar. We all know it’s not an easy task managing a Hip Hop star, especially Stunner.

Besides being at fault and admitting to infidelity, Stunner survived the ordeal.

This can only show the astuteness of a hardworking manager.

But Gary Tight is a different proposition altogether — He is a son of a superstar, he is the Son of Willom Tight, he has genes of a genius, his success if cut for him.

Therefore Vokal cannot fail, it’s a tight mission.