Wednesday, August 10, 2022

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Ninja Lipsy Strips Down for New Album Cover

In truth, as far back as she exited Winky D’s nest, Ninja Lipsy has been acclaimed for her misdemeanours more than her ability to sing.

Ninja Lipsy Album cover
Ninja Lipsy Album cover

Well in Lipsy’s head if you can’t have a hit song,  you may as well snag some headlines along the way by presenting a hit body.

The dancehall singer surprised us this week when she stripped down for her new single album cover- Ndiri Naughty which she also gave a sample in a facebook video posted on her page.

This is not the first time Lipsy has tried some naughty stuff as she also pulled an embarrassing stunt during Alick Macheso’s album launch, read all about it here.

The song isn’t all that judging from the few seconds she sampled,but so what right,as long as ‘I’m sexy’

Lipsy’s eminent bareness will beyond any doubt pack some social media buzz, however, will she back it up with some genuine substance?

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