Wednesday, December 7, 2022

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Winky D & Gemma — The First Couple in the Garden of Love

Since perfect love only exists in fairy tales, let’s get classical or say let’s revisit a unique classical Greek myth, shall we? 

Cupid, the god of desire, attraction and affection, the son of love goddess Venus and god of war Mars was a handsome-looking lad.

This fiery youth evolved to carry a bow and arrow with magical properties that, when shot through a lover’s heart, will bring their affection right to your doorstep, making him the perfect symbol for Valentine’s Day.

While this may just be a legend, we have an even better way to shoot straight to a lover’s heart or cure a broken one on this special day.

It is through music. Today, as love is in the air everywhere, the digital waves are saturated with scads of ballads being released as soundtracks to celebrate the phenomenal day of Valentine. 

Earlier on, we shed a green light on the impeccable video by Jah Prayzah and Misred entitled Kunerima.

Now, we’re coming back to you with yet another roarer.

True to their word, Winky D and Gemma Griffiths have delivered on their promise and released their highly anticipated song and video, MuGarden.

Speaking of tapping into worlds beyond our intuition, while Jah Prayzah took us to what could probably be the 1960s, Winky D and Gemma snaffled us to the undated time of creation, a world that was only lived by the first couple that ever put its feet on mother earth – Adam and Eve. 

Tailored by SOS Media Production, the video shows us the two having a perfect time in the middle of what appeared like an imaginary Garden of Eden.

We all know the story of Adam and Eve. It has been told repeatedly before in all the forms of good literature.

For one, it’s a story of a beautiful relationship that turned lethal after the two gave room to deception and betrayal.

For others, it’s a love story that played out the way it was supposed to, you may have heard. 

Whatever the case was, Winky D and Gemma are recreating the narrative, giving it a new shape.

The duet is about wanting to preserve a perfect moment that may pass, but might at least be extended and treasured in memory.

It’s a plea, in a sense, for love unattained of course, but the body-moving, carefree approach leaves little doubt to the two’s sincerity.

The song finds them in full-on Cupid’s-arrow love-struck mode and if love is a drug, then they were on a heavy dose when they make Mugarden. Simply stated, plainly sung, no one can accuse the two of overdoing it.

Some songs are about being in love. This cannonball is a testimony to the awesome, world-shaking power of love itself. It may ring a little sentimental but what is the purpose of Valentine’s Day if not to get a little mushy?

For two singers who are approaching the peaks of musical achievement through astounding ambition and innovation, this restrained and simple love song shows just how talented each was beneath it all.

It is a fascinating experience to see Gemma, a fan of Winky D’s work, finally getting to collaborate with him. 

A well-realised creative pairing, the two trade sensual verses with a smooth, tenderness in a treacly ballad that might just make you want to tap or hum along as well.

Notably, the lyrics are among some of Winky’s most nuanced and lovely to date.
What could be more perfect for this holiday? 

Could this duet be considered to be the gold standard against which all romantic standards are judged?

Watch the video and listen to the song, then you let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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