The Sungura guys Kambo Boys have done it Again, with their British gentlemen swagger and fashionable Eyewear. 

These boys seem to be on the warpath, trying to make Sungura youth friendly because let’s face it Zimdancehall and Zim hip hop are just sleeping, giants. 

Usually, Sungura is associated with dreary old men with Child support and albums named after body parts, but these Kambo boys have shattered that image, first with their hit song Melo and now they are set to break records of the biggest set ever used in a Zim video with Sweet Larissa




These guys look like true London gentlemen with their Bespoke like suits, reserved for the Kings knights, their accessories include some fancy walking stick and amazing glasses

The girl has that Girl next door look even though it looks like she owns a freaking MANSION.


Set and storyline


The set is amazing, looking like a Buckingham palace lite or maybe a dormitory from Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry in some far of green landscape from the hobbit ( I am sorry guys, too much throwback movies and fantasies about being a Duchess)

So this ordinary Jack seemingly falls for thisGirl who is LOADED, I mean she must have been some sort of heiress cause she gives him MAJOR keys to AMAZING Cars which I can’t name or print.

AND also there is very waist flexible Black man in a white man’s body who dances better than me

I promise you, the video and the song is long and repetitive just like any other Sungura Song But it’s very pleasing to the eye.


Watch it Here


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