Sunday, September 26, 2021
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The real Enzo is Back and Glowing!!

Enzo Ishall dropped 'Uri kutsvireiko' and I LoVE it. You wouldn't think so because I have been a bit harsh on the guy lately.   I listened to the...

#WCW to the girl next Door !

So one night last week I did a mad dash to watch a movie before ZESA dipped, and I bumped into HONEY 3. Like who is still...

Has Asaph Just Solidified His MAMBO status?

After finally reaping the fruits of his labour with last year’s award-winning smash hit MAMBO Asaph’s highly-anticipated EP The People Rapper is finally available for you and your musically-inclined cousin to...

KING98 Got me Dancing like Wacko!

I've been out of the loop for a while and being back is reminding me of my first swimming lesson. It was too much,  too much water, ...

Ti Gonzi and Ishan got a Million!

Months ago, before data decided to be a luxury item like Bubble baths, pizza, and Chicken Inn, there was a rather interesting race to hit A million...

How ExQ found Love on a Snowy Day

ONCE Upon a time, hip-hop gathered around dusty corners and mourned the death of groove rappers. Spectators spoke of how the urban groove legends had drifted off into...

Cole Nation Celebrates World Dance Day

Zimbabwe was part of the international frenzy as renowned choreographer and Dancer John Cole had a Full day of Dancing at Meikles Hotels. Dance is an internationally approved...

Kambo Boys: The Most Swagged Out Sungura Video You Will Ever See

The Sungura guys Kambo Boys have done it Again, with their British gentlemen swagger and fashionable Eyewear.  These boys seem to be on the warpath, trying to make...

Queen Vee Proves ‘Nobody’ is Taking her Throne

I've been sitting on this review because of two reasons, everybody was fawning at the Queen's feet and talking a whole lot am not saying anything. I wanted...

Tytan Grabs the Bride, As Stunner Finds Machira Chete

As it is after Valentine, a lot of girls probably found out that they are not their Baes’ bae, like Stunner finding machira chete in Meikles Hotel....