ISHAN and Ti Gonz

Months ago, before data decided to be a luxury item like Bubble baths, pizza, and Chicken Inn, there was a rather interesting race to hit A million between Zim’s only two musicians, Jah Prayzah and Winky D.

Everyone kept refreshing their YouTube to see whether Winky D’s MuGarden would beat out Jah Prayzah’s Kunerima featuring Misred for the highest number of views in the smallest period of time.

Of course, the Green like Me Garden singer won that race. Mainly because he had something we hadn’t seen on our screens since “Memo” by Changa and also because it’s Winky D.

However, after all of that hullabaloo, we have the Hip Hop community that also has something to celebrate (No it’s not that R.Peels got thanked by Mcpotar). They too have a video that hit a Million views in about 107/8 days.

Kure by Ishan and Ti Gonzi (Undisputed Untitled King of Vernac Hip Hop) hit a million y’all.

In the words of Mai Chisamba. “Vaombererei maoko” besides being lyrically amazing, the video itself is a reflection of what hip hop could look like in Zim: Authentic.

There was no booty shot, no hired Ginimbi cars, no Expensive Bottles of liquor filled with water. This video is simply Amazing and the traction it got is well deserved.

T-Gonzi is proving he is not a one-hit wonder who has 2 Keys controversies, but a legend in the making with a fan base to back it up. Ishan’s vocals, Ishan those vocals should be bottled up and sold as a soothing elixir!

If you actually are not part of the one million people who enjoyed the video what are you waiting for,  juice up and watch the video below.

Oh, yea also I’m back ?,

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