Willis Wataffi and Ti Gonzi at the Theatre in the Park. Picture/Tsitsi Bertha

Willis Wattafi is back with a blockbuster-success bound album titled Uhuru/Independence that was launched on Africa Day’s eve at the Theatre in the Park.

Invited guests among them his family and the media had a chance to catch a first glimpse of the album which will be available in stores this week.

The toast of the launch was when he invited rapper Ti Gonzi to perform their song titled ‘Tauya nemuroora’.

Probably one of the most unusual collaborations on our list, but certainly one of the best. With an amazing video promised to drop this week, this catchy tune is one for the playlist.

Zimbuzz managed to speak to Ti Gonzi soon after his performance and he shed light on how the collaboration came about.

“Willis hit me up and said we should do a collaboration, a love song, and as someone who grew up listening to his music and have great respect for, I jumped to the opportunity,” said Ti Gonzi.

“I don’t just view Willis as a musician but as a brother, there are a lot of things that he has done for me as an individual.”

Ti Gonzi said he was about trying new things and venturing into different sounds.

“I think it’s just the evolution of music and the need to come with music that is different from what we have been comfortable with,” he told Zimbuzz.

Funny fact is that this was Ti Gonzi’s first time performing with a live band, something which he is grateful to Willis for.

“This was my first time performing with a live band and I am now coming up with my own band. I feel people know me as a rapper but im now penetrating the industry more as a musician without any limitations,” he said.

This article will be updated as soon as the song is uploaded on digital platforms

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