Wednesday, August 10, 2022

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The real Enzo is Back and Glowing!!

Enzo Ishall dropped ‘Uri kutsvireiko’ and I LoVE it. You wouldn’t think so because I have been a bit harsh on the guy lately.


I listened to the so-called freestyle first and I must say this is the Enzo I fell in love with the way he uses street jargon to get his point across.

His point this time being if you don’t get anything sweet from what you are drinking then why drink at all.

Its a question I have often asked those Kale lovers who move around with transparent bottles of goo touting how deliciously soothing it is.

Anyhow, Enzo. The Video is a work of art it allows us to focus on that increasingly yummy Dancehall artist.

I mean come on ladies Enzo is glowing up. The yellow brings out his perfect dark skin and the tinted dreadlocks like Justin Bieber said…Yummy.

It also shows us how in tune he is with his none verbal cues, he gesticulates in a manner that backs up his lyrics so you don’t get lost.

This might be by far the most organised freestyle I’ve seen in a while it even has a hook Well done Enzo I still don’t forgive you for Highest score though…,



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