A scene from the video

ONCE Upon a time, hip-hop gathered around dusty corners and mourned the death of groove rappers.

A scene from the video

Spectators spoke of how the urban groove legends had drifted off into nothing. 

In a plot twist that no one saw coming ExQ has become the one man gang to the rescue.



2016 -2017 has been the year that the man formerly known as musalala blossomed into the chart-topping Mr Putiti.

His work this year won’t stop coming as he recently unveiled a great video with Tanzania star Lulu Diva ( No seriously her name has Diva in it, No Joking ) 

The song is ‘Do Me Good’, which essentially is about well, doing …….. and umm as a devout Christian I can not go further with that meaning.

The essence of the song is do me good and I will marry you because that is the norm right? Right? Uhuh thought so.

The visuals of this video are amazing, It has that element of a snowy Christmas that most of us Zimbos or Tanzanians will never experience.

 If you listen to the audio really good you will hear low-key Santa sleigh bells …or maybe I am really looking forward to the Christmas break. 

The scenes alternate between grey backgrounds with snow, and a really cool looking wall-corner that transforms into a cool art space.

The fashion is amazing!!! ExQ always looks dapper and really represented Hip Hop beard gang with sleek, comfortable, simple but expensive looks.

Miss Lulu was well Diva-ish with pink coloured hair, fur coats cause well snow.  

They gave us that retro feel currently on runways through Denim outfits then switched it up to classy bae goals with a white and gold coordinated outfits.

Their chemistry is amazing with each singer being as bright on their own as when they have scenes together

The song is catchy and of course, he made her sing Shona, cause MTM taking Shona the world right?


Watch the video below 

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