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When Ammara just Wanted to Have Fun and not be the Fun!!

Life-long fans of ExQ and celebrities alike united this past Saturday to watch the unveiling to life of Tseu Tseu at an epic Unplugged gathering.

From Stunner, Carlos Green, Sokostina, Tamy, Zaza, DJ Stavo and some who were spread across the green lawn at the venue.

Chiefly among them was Akiliz Hitmaker the gorgeous Ammara Bown who seemed to be enjoying the show as she danced right in front of the stage.

She had just returned from a halftime rugby performance at the Harare Sports Club pitting Zambezi Steelers and South Africa’s Blue Bulls.

But Ammara just wanted to have fun and not be a celebrity.

When it was time to perform Bhachura, a remix she featured, Ammara was her usual self, dancing away as ExQ was going it alone.

Perhaps the two had not rehearsed together or Ammara was not too sure she would attend.

Whatever the case Ammara was not even interested in singing, in fact, she just wanted to enjoy as ExQ gave a thrilling performance.

Ammara caught here enjoying ExQ’s show

ExQ then asked her to a little acapella version and she did just that and went back to her dancing.

She would continually utter the words “I’m proud of you man” to ExQ.

It just goes to show that sometimes our celebrities just wanna have fun and not be the fun

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