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Beach-themed experience for Unpluggers

You can bet your life and that of all your pets that Unplugged Zimbabwe will never disappoint your expectations!

And this weekend they are taking us to the beach babe!

A dazzling entertainment experience that happens every last weekend of the month, the Coca-Cola themed Unplugged is bringing its loyal followers a beach experience in Domboshava at the Waterfront.

After getting soaked in the warm presence of Shekhinah the previous month, the fun can only get better.

Artist such as Wink D, Josh Meck,Zinarayah, and DJs TK Beats and reverb 7 will be providing the entertainment this Sunday September 30 2018.

The event will also see rising artist Mussa Effect launching his new single titled Magumo.

Mussa Effect

Zimbuzz caught up with Mussa Effect to hear more about the song and what Unpluggers can expect on Sunday turday.

“Its a love story gone bad, you know when you give someone everything and eventually they just leave with no explanation or goodbye for that matter, he explains.

“This is something I believe a lot of people can relate to but because I’m not the type to sob, I wanted to communicate this experience in a way that makes it okay to walk away from such situations and never come back.

Mussa has been working on the single for a long time, two years to be precise.

“I have been working on this song for quite some time and we have produced numerous versions of the song with different producers that have put in a great amount of time and effort in the project.

Finally I met C Bleech and he delivered exactly what I have been looking for in this song for the past 2 years we also engaged Tanic and Blade from platinum records.

The artist is now signed under Kosha and will be launching his first project under the stable.

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