John Cole

Zimbabwe was part of the international frenzy as renowned choreographer and Dancer John Cole had a Full day of Dancing at Meikles Hotels.

John Cole

Dance is an internationally approved Language, lifestyle and Sport, Saturday was when dance lovers came together and celebrated the evolution of dance from Waltzing to dabbing.

The students learnt choreography for the popular songs of the country including sendekera and Chekeche and were treated to Celebrity appearances by the likes of  Marshall Malikula (Fashion Artist) who kept Up with the rigorous steps of John Cole.


During the water breaks, Zimbuzz managed to speak to Marshal who said that he had come to support John Cole because he is a man of passion and vision who knows what he wants for Dance and sticks to his Guns.

 He encouraged artists to support each other as they were custodians of the same market and collaboration was bound to produce quality product for consumers of art.

Caroline (18 years)  indicated that she had never danced professionally before and was having a lot of Fun learning how to put together different dances together to make amazing choreography, she was ecstatic that ColeNation (John Cole and associates) had birthed such a platform for budding dancers like herself.

Zimbuzz had a Lot of Fun and enough exercise to last us a Whole Year at World Dance Day, but If you think you would rather hit the dance floor than the gym you are in luck as Classes are ongoing at Meikles Hotel every Saturday for $5 per person per class.

So shake a Tailfeather and learn to Impress, we are just going to pretend that our muscles don’t hurt

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