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John Cole drops dance single ‘Gotta Feeling’

Multi-award-winning choreographer and artist John Cole has announced the release of his first 2021 project, a song titled ‘Gotta Feeling’


This dance-pop song features talented producer Chiwedar on the production.

Said John Cole about the song, “Feeling is a superhuman power it’s our growth, our motion. It’s the one thing on earth we control and it’s one emotion we can stand to say it’s wholly-owned by the user.”

He added that ‘Gotta Feeling’ is a song to ensure that a person trusts how they feel and what they feel as a person.

It is also John Cole’s first solo project without a collaboration and will drop with a #gottafeelingchallenge.

Gotta Feeling video dropped Thursday midday and was shot in the heart of Sandton South Africa by director Absolom and features the amazing solo dances of John Cole.

This is a typical club/dance song with a hard bass beat and a repetitive chorus which makes it an easy sing-along song.

2021 has already started on a bright side for John Cole after his collaboration with DJ Naida on Tamba was nominated for the Best Dance/House/Kwaito Award at the Zimbabwe Music Awards.

Check the song below

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