After finally reaping the fruits of his labour with last year’s award-winning smash hit MAMBO Asaph’s highly-anticipated EP The People Rapper is finally available for you and your musically-inclined cousin to soak up.

The release date came and went but we were sweet-talked with V.I.C and oh yes the vibe was definitely correct, but we were still waiting, weren’t we?

If you watched the documentary for the build-up to the EP you would understand. So without further ado please familiarize yourself with it before continuing this article.


Dare I say that this EP is a classic! Personal favourites on here are Fifestreet Flows and Real Ones, which are both prayers, showing that Asaph still maintains his spirituality and his faith in God. Another banger, which I call MAMBO. Pt. 2 is Changamire.

If anyone doubted Asaph’s kingship with MAMBO then The People’s Rapper is the final blow to all opposition.

Get your copy and make sure your vibe is correct.

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