Its a Hip Hop video and we already know what to expect from veteran rapper Mariachi Muzukuru and the flowing Fun F.


Hip Hop Honeys in skimpy outfits, blunt smoke, champagne pouring and beautiful bodies on display. After all the song is dedicated to a beautiful woman ‘Ngaanake being the title.

There are just too much alluring young ladies in this music video it may be difficult to deal with hypertension and extraordinary fever is expected.

First of all, it’s a great song. One that gets you hooked on the vibe and lyrics but at the same time forcing you to make quick switches between the sense of seeing and that of hearing. You can’t use both.

The Vixen who takes a stroll in slow motion while wearing her blue bikini with black stripes walks past the camera with a towel wrapped around her waist…Is she going drop the wrap and show off the wiggling rear?

Watch the video below and find out

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