Mathias Mhere

Gospel singer Mathias Mhere has become the latest singer to pull out of Wednesday’s Peace and Family Festival to be held at the National Sports Stadium.


The event will be graced by the Unification Church’s controversial leader Hak Ja Han Moon

President Emmerson Mnangagwa is also set to make an address at the festival.

Reports suggest other musicians like Minister Michael Mahendere and Janet Manyowa withdrew from the concert citing different doctrine beliefs with Hak Ja Han Moon.

“Following discussions with the AFM church leadership,taking into consideration the statements presented by the Evangelical Fellowship Of Zimbabwe(EFZ) and the Zimbabwe Council Of Churches (ZCC) towards the event called the Peace and Family Festival being hosted by Dr Hak Ja Han Moon and also to protect my brand Mathias Mhere Music i Mathias Mhere have decided to pull out of the Festival that is slated for tomorrow Wednesday 21 November at the National Sports Stadium,” said Mhere in statement.

“I have noted that the above-mentioned lady is not a christian and i as a christian has seen it not fit for me to be associated with the event she is hosting.”

The Zimbabwe Council Of Churches also released a brief statement regarding the event.

“Zimbabweans, especially Christians have been raising anxious questions regarding the impending visit of the leader of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification.

“As ZCC in light of our convictions and Christian traditions, we do not identify with the teachings and practices of this movement and therefore we will not participate in their event,” read the statement.

The Unification movement believes that God’s original intent was for Jesus to form a perfect marriage in order to redeem humanity and undo the harm perpetrated by Adam and Eve.

Because Jesus (the second Adam) was executed before accomplishing his mission, a third Adam was needed to form this perfect marriage and complete Jesus’s task.

This “third Adam” would be recognized as the second coming of Christ. As the perfect man he would marry the perfect woman and become the “true spiritual parents of humankind.”

Members of the Unification Church regard Moon and his second wife, Hak Ja Han, as these “True Parents.” Married couples and their families within the movement are regarded as the “True Children” and linked to God through the “True Parents.”

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