The Vine Music group has been on an upward trajectory for a few years running and have toured the region sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ in music.


All that hard work and experience has now culminated in the Harare City Centre Seventh Day Adventist Church based group recording their first album.

The Vine Music are set to release their debut studio album, ‘Musandipfuure’ this Sunday, November 25  at the giant Harare International Conference Centre.

The group has a special mandate, to bridge the praise and worship experience gap and bring a solemn sound supported by instruments within the Adventist culture of music.

The concert will kick off at 16:00hrs for the red carpet entrance and at 17:00hrs the concert begins.

The group has invited a full 40 piece orchestra set, opera singers and a live band to support them in their launch.

“We will have surprise acts from South African gospel greats who will perform on the day and this will be a first in the gospel industry in Zimbabwe for an Acapella group to perform accompanied by such musical excellence,” said the organisers.

The concert will be a free concert and people can visit their website, social media platforms for a link to book their tickets and secure a seat.

“This will enable a smooth flow of logistics on the day of the event. The concert will begin at exactly 17:00hrs since we are working with an orchestra and they work on an hourly basis,” they said.

The Orchestra Experience is an interactive 90-minute event with a live orchestra that explores leadership, collaboration, diversity and creativity through the metaphor of music.

The participants are seated within the orchestra from where they can witness the extraordinary power of music to convey ideas and emotions.

The session begins with a performance of an inspiring piece of symphonic music, giving the participants an opportunity to observe the pivotal role of the conductor and the extraordinary interplay between the players.

This is followed by a series of carefully crafted exercises that facilitate a discussion between the participants, conductor and musicians about how playing in an orchestra mirrors a business environment.

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