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Kim Jayde breaks down on camera as she interviews Danai Gurira

It has been a roller coaster of emotion for Kim Jayde’s red carpet interviews during last Sunday’s Global Citizen Festival in Johannesburg.


From getting starstruck upon seeing Tyler Perry to screams and tears.

The Zimbabwean MTV presenter couldn’t help but break down in tears as she got the chance to interview fellow countrywoman Danai Gurira.

Gurira stars as Okoye in the 2018 blockbuster movie Black Panther and has been an inspiration to many of her compatriot, including Kim.

“HonestlyI’mm so emotional because I’m from Zimbabwe. We don’t have role models that are doing what you are doing. I can’t explain how much it means to see you succeeding and niot only being glamourous and beautiful but usig your voice something and truel truly matter…,” she said before she could get overcome by emotions.

Watch the moment here

Danai Gurira was born in Grinnell, Iowa, to Josephine and Roger Gurira, who were from Zimbabwe.

Her father was then teaching Chemistry at Grinnell College. When she was five, the family moved back to Zimbabwe, residing in the capital Harare. Gurira later returned to the United States and studied social psychology at Macalester College.

She attended and graduated from Dominican Convert High School, a private Catholic school in Harare, Zimbabwe.

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