Suluman Chimbetu

Last Friday night he was hosted at Ambassador hotel, a  venue that is rather old, ancient and no millenial will be found there -the joint is slay queen proof.

It is the typical cigar and fine whiskey ‘yema dhara ane bag dumbu’ and they will not be bothered by the fact that their date have a pot belly that would put anyone in their second trimester to shame.

Back to the facts!

Sulu hosted a crowd of roughly 300 guests at the roof top and he gave a classic energetic performance.

Vocals were solid and Dendera lives within his blood and it’s contagious, so much that from the roof top you could see guards in bibs and the odd chigunduru breaking their legs to the four note four count choreography of the beat.

Clad in all white his band danced the night away, yes, Sulu does not wreck in 1000 followers or does he have a million views on YouTube but he has an intimate connection with his audience.

A war vet who follows him says that; “even though Simon is dead, he lives in mwana uyu,”

I almost cried when he performed Chauta, i know what the song means and what the history says.

Last year the artist was the darling of every conversation when he collaborated with
disabled Afro jazz artiste Tongai “Greatman” Gwaze on a duet titled Pandakazvarwa.

Greatman and Sulu

The two artists who met in Mhangura before decided on working together are off to Leicester City for a show on March 2 where they will be joined by Alick Macheso and Seh Calaz.

— Jeffrey Murimbechi is a practising journalist and Presenter at Capitalk 100.4 FM. A  former music reviews columnist at the Sunday Mail as well as former Social Media Producer at ZiFM Stereo follow him on Twitter: @jeffreydanai 

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