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#ZimDancehall – Wannabe Riddim sets 2019 on Fire

Cymplex music might be living in the shadows of Chillspot Records but it’s certainly a reliable and delivering stable.

2019 Zimdancehall, likewise has started on an impressive note. We have the Wannabe riddim.

One more time big guns have been assembled and were up to the task. The riddim has been flooded with great hits, ranking them would really be controversial.

Enzo continues to defy the odds and we can safely say the kid is here to stay and for a long time,as he continues to tickle us with his appealing storytelling prowess.

His song ‘Chimbondisiya’, accompanied with sexually provocative lyrics is surely adding on to his countless hits since he broke into mainstream.

Veterans Shinsoman, Tally B, Guspy Warrior, Freeman, Killer T are the voices you probably missed on these riddims and we must say the comeback is not to be overlooked.

They all had decent songs maintaining a good standard in their illustrious careers. Much is owed to Cymplex for dishing out a crispy sound.

Without drawing any comparisons Wannabe riddim is international standard, there must have been thorough input in this project.

The Zimdancehall new school also showed their class.

Nutty O and his patois perfectly rode the riddim with a club banger, Bazooka the creative and talented lyricist also did justice to it but this time educating us on gender based violence, maturity. Queen Kadhija and Jah Signal impressed as expected.

Wannabe had surprise guests, Gary Tight, one of the most talented vocalists around and did the most on the riddim.

Rapper Kikky BadAAss continued her date with Zimdancehall and she is remarkably multitalented. Notably, she sounded like Enzo Ishall and that should not be a surprise, they have been all over each other.

I am gonna dare you with my top 5 after making thorough considerations which include flow and content.

Bazooka – bodo

Nutty O – whining –

EnzoIshall –chimbondisiya –

Gary Tight – shekasheka –

KikkyBadass – one one –

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