The name TeeMak has made the showbiz rounds lately particularly the announcement that he had signed dancehall star Enzo Ishall.


He is also the same guy, together with his friend who purchased a vehicle for DJ Towers.


So who is TeeMak and what is he all about. Zimbuzz has previously written about him as an artist from as far back as 2015.

He says he could likely be Zimbabwe’s youngest self-made millionaire.

At just age 23 years, TeeMak is your unlikely entrepreneur whose unparalleled discipline and seemingly crazy ambition has seen him build Maximus Capital a multimillion-dollar hedge fund based in Malaysia (a country he moved to at the tender age of 13).

As founder and CEO of Maximus, TeeMak aims to sustainably disrupt the existing financial space by providing investors with the means to safe investment options that produce exceptional returns through lean enterprise management whilst using proven profitable trading methodology.

Always being one to challenge the status quo, the investments maverick, dropped out of university where he was studying Computer Science to embark on an entrepreneurial journey that ironically leveraged the discipline and networks he had developed in his short stint in university.

The decision was one not taken lightly, but one driven by the vision to attain financial freedom at a young age in order to serve as an inspiration to others and be able to invest in empowering the youth in his home country of Zimbabwe, Africa and then the world.


Oswald Teemak and Enzo Ishall

Whilst running his business, he later went on to complete his university qualification through a UK online based Open University.

TeeMak started out as a salesperson, selling investment opportunities in green energy for a United Kingdom-based company. It was a role he thrived in but also a role that had its fair share of challenges.

Even though he was able to achieve sales of over USD500 000, he was unable to successfully tap into the African market after having had various conferences in Southern Africa.

After spending months in Zambia trying to expand his sales business, he was overcome by the desire to work for himself and realized that he could convert his already existing clientele if he were to present them with another investment opportunity.

So, the markets savvy TeeMak capitalised on his skill set in forex trading and built Maximus from there using funds from a few close friends.

Since then TeeMak has partnered with equally driven Malaysian locals who handle the operations of the company while he diligently focuses on the trading aspect of the business.

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Maximus’ exponential growth can be attributed to its vast network of high net worth individuals whose appetites grew after enjoying great returns resulting in them investing more and telling their friends.

The company also runs a parallel fund, which helps it to protect investors’ capital at all costs, making it attractive for even risk-averse investors.

TeeMak is taking giant leaps out of his and has his eyes set on growing his fund through the expansion of his investor base, investing in businesses by Zimbabwean youth, and partnering with African governments to eradicate poverty.

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