Dimitri and The Scarecrow is a Zimbabwean Hip-Hop musical concept created by Dimitri D. Kwenda (Rapper, Songwriter, Producer, Poet and Singer) migrating through different cities in Africa.


It is the juxtaposition of African Suburbia and it’s Scarecrow – The faceless bodies which are the fodder of human iniquity.

With an introspective vulnerability applied in the approach toward avarice, lust, pride, ignorance, flippancy and lies, Dimitri & The Scarecrow churns out perspectives based on observation and analysis.

The concept born in 2008 is shadowed by years of exposure to the Hip-Hop
Culture from the age of 10 thanks to a primary school friend.

He has been active on the African Hip-Hop scene since 2012 having its beginning at the now-closed BookCafe in Harare.

Dimitri & The Scarecrow has since released two 7 track EPs and a couple of singles
with major performance credits/appearances at The Afrikan Hip-Hop Caravan, Grahams Town Counter Festival, Harare International Festival of The Arts,
Shoko Festival and intimate venues in Dublin, Kampala & Cape Town.

Crass Roots Rap: Why Crass Roots Rap?

At the core of art there is a point of view which is unapologetically reflective of our environment.

The beauty of art lies within subjective interpretation yet, one's interpretation reflects the character based on their perspective.

Crass (definition) – (of persons) so unrefined as to be lacking in discrimination and sensibility.

It is of profound consequence that Hip-Hop as a culture is one which has never sat well with an elitist mind-set because of its radical nature on championing
the downtrodden cause.

Long since surpassing all musical genres in its reaches, there is always a
push-back from authorities and some would even state, sabotage through a watering down of the culture.

Compositions on this particular project reflect an evolving mind-set yet one which still
remains astute in its defiance to being funnelled through the narrow passage of acceptance.

Politicians often assume the mantle of heroism whilst demonising anything or anyone posing a threat to their ambition.

Africa has known an older generation which has smothered the next to lengthen their prime which is past.

Listen to it here

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