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Dough Major’s Raps Will Make Anyone Crack A Smile..A Career Catch Up

With 2020 already a fruitful year for Zim Hip Hop there has been a remarkable rise of fresh blood on the scene.


Dough Major has effectively established himself as a force to reckon with taking into consideration his unique approach to rap.

The youthful rapper is pushing a new sound that’s more relatable called Shebeen Rap.

He released an EP called Shebeen Rap back in 2016 and he has promised to release the Shebeen Volume 2 this year.

The emcee comes with him a new style of hip hop which fun-loving Zimbabweans can easily bounce to because of his comic skills.

Tatenda Keith Maguta of the moniker Dough Major is a Zimbabwean rapper, singer, songwriter and record executive.

He was born and raised in Tynwald, Harare and gained recognition as a rapper after his first project Sheeben Rap Papa EP.

In 2016 he also co-founded the record label Roman Rap Studios together with Lloyd Soul and Boy Tricky.

With top-performing collaborations Hazvidi Dzungu, Changu chepa jecha and Wakuketa Staira as well as featuring on a 2020 Star FM awards nominated hit single, La Vida Loca by Lloyd Soul the journey has indeed been promising.

He came second in the inaugural Bata Mic Rap Battles at Moto Republik represent

In an interview with Zimbuzz, Dough Major revealed, “Alright, I started loving rap when I was 9 because of my big brother and back then if a rapper was good he had to be the king of the streets and that meant dominating rap battles… So when I heard about Bata Mic, I thought to myself this is the chance to prove myself and I registered”.

He continued, “When I heard about the second edition, virtual battles, I thought to myself this is the chance to prove myself for once and for all. The battle master advised me we were only free-styling and flexing in our own right without outright attacking anyone and that’s what I did then people voted me as the best.

“It felt good to win a battle I had lost before but I realized it’s not anything else but fans that matter the most because they are the people that decide an entertainer’s fate.

“Right now I plan on proving to the nation that hip-hop they can relate to exists, I wanna speak and inspire greatness to my people in the best language I understand which is rap.

“It really doesn’t matter if the lockdown continues or ends, I’m going to release music continuously until people can hear their voice in my music. I am good at what I do yes and I am a really versatile artist!”

His latest work features an old time friend Boy tricky with Mitch Uta, Masimba and Tidech. The track is called Harare Garden Blues.

Use the link below to listen to the track and tell us what you think

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