Wednesday, June 29, 2022

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Dough Major involved in a “Silly” Mixture

Award-winning hip hop artist Dough Major has been gaining momentum in the hip hop game which is contributing to his relevance with the new school artists through his authentic shebeen rap sound.


Dough Major this time around has decided to spice up the game via his upcoming single titled “KA SONG KARI SILLY” featuring Vannel.

In an interview with Zimbuzz Entertainment in Harare recently Dough Major revealed there is little chance of slowing down his momentum in the game because of his fans.

“You would be surprised the song is about a guy being silly because of a woman. Vannel and I try to keep a woman interested by saying the most random stuff. Some lines might even offend her but we consolidate all that by reminding her that ey, you make me silly babe,” he chuckled.

The artistic composure revealed by the artists came through from the deep hilarious artwork thought by Dilly1Buck that would capture the eye because of the mixture of graphic work of 2 Zimbabwe’s well-known brands intriguing a certain imagination in the mind of how the track would sound like.

“The artwork was made by Dilly1Buck. I made him listen to the song and told him the name of the song and he came up with that art. I guess that’s what the song made him feel, a Super Chibuku bottle with a Mazoe sticker, what could be sillier than that,” added Dough Major.

Dough Major has been climbing up the ladder each and every time he releases a project, his award-winning project Shebeen Rap Volume 2 scooped the Best Album at the 2021 Zim Hip Hop Awards proving his lyrical skills on various catchy tracks such as “Early Early”

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