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Renowned Substance Abuse Expert Launches Innovative Recovery Program in Zimbabwe

Distinguished Substance Abuse Treatment Counsellor Dr Emmanuel Nzuzu (PhD), based in Jacksonville, Florida, has returned to his homeland of Zimbabwe to combat the escalating drug and alcohol addiction crisis.


With the country experiencing a surge in substance abuse cases and overwhelmed drug rehabilitation centres, Dr. Nzuzu aims to make a significant impact with his ground-breaking program, “How to Stay Sober” (HTSS).

Dr. Nzuzu, a licensed Mental Health Counsellor in the State of Florida and a Certified Addictions Professional, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the fight against addiction.

Frustrated by traditional approaches that often failed to provide long-term sobriety, he developed the HTSS program after more than seventeen years of research and work with alcohol and drug addicts.

“It was heart-breaking for me to see that after all the effort people put into their treatment and recovery, they did not have the skills to maintain their sobriety once their treatment was completed,” said Dr. Nzuzu

“Every time they relapse, their families are utterly devastated, and the patients feel like a complete failure. Even worse, their relapse undermines their confidence in their ability to stay clean in the future.”

The HTSS program focuses on empowering individuals, communities, and Zimbabwean society as a whole in their battle against alcoholism and drug addiction.

Its comprehensive approach includes capacity-building for existing treatment facilities, empowering personnel working in addiction recovery, educating addicts on regaining control of their lives, and providing mentorship and business support for individuals in recovery.

To kickstart the program, Dr. Nzuzu will be conducting the first workshop, titled “Preventing Drug/Alcohol Relapse,” which is scheduled for May 24th at the Highlands Sports Club in Harare.

The workshop is designed for therapists, counsellors, psychologists, and social workers, aiming to enhance their skills and knowledge in relapse prevention.

Doris Musasa, the contact person for the Sober At Last Academy, expressed her enthusiasm for Dr. Nzuzu’s work and the unique opportunity it presents for Zimbabwe.

By equipping treatment facilities with a fresh and unique recovery model, Dr. Nzuzu aims to enhance their ability to prevent relapses effectively.

Additionally, his focus on professional skills transfer will empower personnel to facilitate healing and transformation, leading to higher successful completion rates and reduced relapse rates.

Through mentoring and a linkages business program, previously affected individuals will receive support to start their own micro and small businesses, fostering self-employment opportunities and sustained recovery.

Dr. Nzuzu’s return to his homeland and the launch of the HTSS program marks a significant turning point in Zimbabwe’s battle against substance abuse.

With his expertise and innovative approach, he aims to empower individuals, rebuild families, strengthen communities, and contribute to the overall well-being of Zimbabwean society.

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