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ZB Partners with Catholic Church to Tackle Drug Abuse

ZB Financial Holdings (ZB), Zimbabwe’s largest financial services group, has partnered with the Catholic Church in Zimbabwe on a new initiative to fight drug abuse and encourage wellness in communities.


The collaboration comes as substance abuse, particularly of illicit drugs, has been rising among Zimbabwe’s youth.

Recognising this as a serious social issue, ZB and the Catholic Church will work together to raise awareness, provide education, and support prevention efforts in the country.

“ZB Financial Holdings (ZBFH) is a customer-centric organisation, our purpose is to improve lives through service and today we partner with St Francis Catholic Church in fighting this pandemic,” said the company representative.

“Drug abuse can have a devastating impact on individuals and families and therefore as ZBFH, we are committed to doing our part to raise awareness and provide support for prevention. We believe in the power of compassion and support”.

In a statement, ZBFH said this was a Corporate Social Responsibility initiative aligned with their values to promote public health and facilitate collective efforts to address complex social challenges.

“CSR initiatives focused on health and wellness contribute to the long-term sustainability of both the organisation and the communities in which it operates,” said the statement

“By supporting drug abuse prevention initiatives ZBFH is investing in a healthier and more productive community. This contributes to the long-term sustainability of the community and creates a more stable environment for businesses to operate.”

The “Fighting The War Against Alcohol, Drugs And Illicit Substance Abuse” march will start from Braeside Spar Car Park on Saturday 20 April 2024 to St Martin’s Convent School Grounds

The partnership is seen as an impactful corporate social responsibility program for ZB that aligns with its values. By investing in community health, both partners hope to ultimately create a safer, stronger Zimbabwe for all.

The church’s spokesperson expressed gratitude to ZB Financial Holdings for the support they are giving to the community.

“The community must stand up and work together in fighting drug abuse. We are thankful to ZB Financial Holdings and all other sponsors for collaborating with us today.”

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