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Natasha Muz Takes a Shot at Kikky on Nash TV’s Color Vibes

The hip hop streets might be in for another battle as Natasha Muz seem to have taken hard shots aimed at Kikky BadAsss.


In her song ‘Chemaboss’ which premiered on the new Colour Vibes show by Nash TV, the hip hop singer chastises Kikky BadAss in a lyric.

The particular line which caught the attention of listeners, who believe it to be a jab at Kikky was on 3:22 when she sang ‘hanzi pastage ringori dzungu chete’

This is in apparent reference to Kikky’s One One song which dropped off Cymplex February 2019 WannaBe Riddim.

The irony of it is that a Hip Hop war is being fought on a Dancehall turf.. ‘Chemaboss’ by Natasha Muz is also a Jamal/No Limits dancehall production.

The beef might have been sparked by a tweet in May this year when Kikky said Phreshy was a bad songwriter and in the same line implied that Natasha Muz was given an undeserving Award.

Kikky said this during the height of the Noble Stylz/GZE battle that illuminated the social media scene last month.

She tweeted; “@BlacperlZW is very relevant her pen game is lit lit . Can’t say the same for Phreshy .The other one didn’t win an award she was given an award with one song and a video that came out after submission against me with a whole EP and gigs to show for it

The two Best Female Hip Hop artists must have rubbed each other the wrong way or it’s just a fight for a Queendom.

Whatever the case, this a fight that Kikky will take on as she has been itching for a challenge after her provocation at the reigning Best Female Hip Hop artist Phreshy went unchallenged.

Is it Game On for another of the Noble Stylz/Gze kinda battle?

Watch Natasha Muz – Chemaboss

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