Candles are commonly used in two or more ways; create light to see, set a romantic mood, or both.


But what do you do when the light and the romance in your love life dim?


Multi Award-winning hip hop artist Trae Yung addresses this love subject in her new song titled Candlelight.

Taken off the recently dropped Candle Light Riddim by Hit Music Empire, Trae Yung sings of a conflicted heart that wants to stay in a loveless relationship but at the same time, she wanna leave.

She sings of the confusion that comes with wanting to quit ..”I think its time to let you go bae where did the love go..” but the good memories of what was once a blossoming love wants you to stay…“i really wanna stay but hauchandi treater bhoo”

Featuring Mudiwa Musiq on the hooks, the two engage in a mental conversation before the breakup with both expressing their fears.. “even though it hurts i just wanna keep the candlelight burning..” 

The exchange between the two singers gives this effect of a couple that is trusting their relationship is simply twisted, but not totally broken.

The two of them realize that they would prefer not to abandon one another, so they’re searching for a sign that things will be alright at long last.

Not only are the lyrics easily digestible, Trae Yung and Wadiwa Musiq’s voices are absolutely stunning. The song is bound to give you chills.

Check it out Below

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