Hip Hop artist NizzyRaps real name Nisbert Manyika has unleashed a lyrical onslaught on naysayers and haters with Vanongotaura.


NizzyRaps throws darts at every negativity that gets directed on his path as his flexes with his ‘musical anointing’


‘Vanongotaura vanongotura gore rino ndovanyararidza nezodzo randaka dirirwa na Mwari..’ he sings on the hook as he pledges to silence all critics in 2020.

He weaves together a win and struggle in the same line when he says ‘Ndini wacho ndavasungira play kunge ma DJ ane jealous.’ Addressing both his peers that he wants to overtake, at the same time throwing a subliminal at DJs.

Produced by Trinnie Beatz the message is ushered to the ear on a trap beat adding flavour and colour to his deep voice

CHECK OUT – Vanongotaura

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